4.7 The Hills Have Eyes

Eva 17, Byrja, 6114 – Day 68

Our heroes reconvinied and rested at the [[The Wrastling Zoo|The Wrastling Zoo]] before heading  over to Wamu by Loinsmith for their complimentary meal. They were seated at a private table atop the rafter remorhaz where they could see all the fancy folk below.  Everyone ordered a drink, and Silky drank the hardest they had which was a mysterious green bubbling liquid. It hit hard and fast.

Content Not Found: chef-loinsmith himself announced the seven courses as they arrived:

1) A frosted salad prepared with the freshest greens imported from Gnome Home. Balthazar and Silky both fed this to Boaromir.

2) Yeti Toe Stew harvested fresh that morning. Balthazar and Content Not Found: kinght-ranger slurped this down. Just like mom used to make.

3) Yeti hair surprise aged for the perfect texture. It was scraggily, furry, and bland. Not to the liking of most of the party.

4) Remoarhaz leg baked in a garlic butter. Wamu's trademark dish and first of it's kind. Some slurped it's contents out like a straw while Faizal crushed it out like a tube of toothpaste. The flavor of garlic and butter was delightful, but the actual meat itself wasn't great.

5) Rib of Yeti slow cooked in [[:Mississippi River|Mississippi]] brine. A Frostnight  classic with a modern day twist. It was ok.

6) Vanilla Ice Cream to cleanse the pallette.

7) Minty Fresh Shot of Liquor to freshen the breath

After dinner, Content Not Found: chef-loinsmith lamented how they were running low on remorhaz meat and that one was spotted north of Frostnight. After some hassling he agreed to pay 3000 gold for its body. A balruga was summoned who chewed up some charcoal and spit it onto a piece of parchment, as is tradition,  got each parties signatures, and then chewed up the contract and regurgitated a copy for each party.

The party headed back to the airship for a night's rest, Faizal decided to stay at The Wrastling Zoo for the night in the Fezzik suite which was decorated with the fan loved half giant's face all over.

In the morning our heroes picked up the monthly Polar ex-Press {located here } newspaper to catch up on the world and decided to head towards [[Merchant Valley|Merchant Valley].

The journey  by airship took, 20 days in whichFaizal and Content Not Found: brassik outfitted Boaromir with the magical horseshoes, while Silky trained with her griffon and studied draconic with Knight Ranger.

Aut 6, Fogo, 6114 – Day 90

Our heroes began searching the hills of  Merchant Valley for giants and two and a half days North East of the Cradle they found a large dam/barn building.  They decided to land The Flytanic in a valley a ways away and approach aback of their griffons under the cover of night.

Under the cover of darkness, our heroes approached the palisade walls at the base of the plateau. Through the entrance they could make out a bonfire surrounded by a handful of orcs and 5 tents. Baas filled the air and Knight Ranger sensed around 9 hill giants and 25 humanoids nearby. 


They party snuck in and attacked the orcs. The launched surprise worked wonders but the sounds of combat spooked the sheep and soon only their screams and baas could be heard echoing about.  More orcs popped out of the tents to join the fight and as they proved very formidable at dodging and blocking attacks, two hill giants, 20 feet in height and guts the size of cows arrived through the cave mouths. 

With Boaromir taking the blunt of the attacks, Knight Ranger quickly cast a cloud of darkness around the fire -dousing the area so no one could see through it. This allowed Boaromir to hide and caused the not so smart hill giants to travel the long way around to get to the fighting. 


Faizal grew in size and grappled one of the giants, beating it with a grappled orc. The other collapsed on top of Knight Ranger pinning him to the ground under his massive weight. Silky, realizing their stupidity, suggested that the giant get off of her friend, tell them where their leader is, and to kill orcs until they weren't around.

The giant listened and began pummeling orcs with it's great club while Boaromir swept the legs out from underneath the other hill giant and the party beat him into a bloody pulp. Orc reinforcements arrived down the muddy hill road but the hill giant laid waste to them, sending their lifeless forms flying into the wooden palisade. Once they were dead he turned back to attack our heroes. 


In no time they knocked the giant down with ease and slaughtered him. They took a moment to sift through the giant's bags and found some sweet loot and could barely make out the sound of a gong over the baaing.


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